Live support is available to existing customers via skype.


Contact Us Via Skype

Our skype username is:

Before expecting any live support please have skype installed and set up on your computer.

Skype can be used to text chat, audio chat, video chat, share screens, leave us messages etc.
We encourage every customer to adopt and use skype on all of their devices.
You can add skype to your PC, MAC, MOBLILE PHONE or TABLET even your XBOX,PS3 or SMART TV
This free service makes providing personal support to you free and easy…

Click This Link:  Get Skype For Free Here


Other Software our live support team may be able to assist you through.

TeamViewer when installed will allow our staff to assist you by giving them remote control access to your computer or Mac over the internet.
This can be used so that our support staff can troubleshoot directly on your PC, make settings changes and generaly help you with anything on your PC or MAC remoteley whenever required.


logMein is another program that allows us to gain remote access to your computer.