Our Fully Managed Business Server Plan

Managed Business Server
per Quater (3 months)
2 Terabytes
Web Space
2 Terabytes
Data Traffic
Email Accounts
Unlimited Parked
Unlimited Aditional domains
CPANEL with auto Installers
1x WordPress Maintenance Plan Included

For important Business websites and High Traffic sites a standard webhosting plan with all sorts of hidden restrictions is not going to be sufficient or convenient.
In order to avoid any possible downtime and the inevitable waste of time you experience when you are forced to research and upgrade or change hosting plans as your site builds traffic and exceeds the cheap hosting plan limits imposed on them.

For any serious business it is more viable to avoid cheap hosting traps and instead ensure that their important website and email services are unlikely to get any interuptions and that they are always up and running for the long term.
While your own dedicated server is the ideal way to go it can be very expensive and brings with it a whole set of issues that even competent IT people can struggle with and so obtaining the internet connection for your server and installing your own hardware at your place of business will mean that you now also need a full time profesional IT staff member to monitor and maintain your server and of course thats without considering what software costs your server will require, after all it is a computer and subject to an operating system, software, antivirus and various software packages all of which have various licenses and many complex setup and configruations, they all eventually require some updates and upgrades and this all means a lot of maintaining that software comes at additional costs.

Then there are the cheap unmanaged or self managed servers available online at places like ebay however those are another dire trap since most sound fantastic and cheap however they dont give you any assistance to setup and maintain the software on the servers, they dont help out when things go bad and they dont help when your site inevitably goes down or gets hacked due to a lack of security which of course you simply dont know enough about.

Most Local ISPs such as your internet provider can supply you with a server however the costs are astronomical as they charge you for all the traffic your server gets much like a typical mobile phone plan AND they will not customise your server or jump when things go wrong .

The bottom line is that unless you employ someone to look after your server then you have to look after it yourself no matter whether your server is hosting in your place of business, your local ISP or some cheap and indian data centre.

That all underlies what you need to know to run your main website, deal with email issues and any other services running on your server which again you or some one you can trust has to know about, monitor and understand what to do when things do go wrong..

– not with World Super Host!

With our Fully Managed Server Account you can forget about all of that, in fact you will never have to do anything on your server.
We do all of the security, monitoring and maintence work for you and if anything goes wrong all you have to do is let us know and we will get right on it.
We not only look after the server backend but also monitor, tweak and take care of any issues that crop up with your main domain name, emails, website, FTP, etc

If your emails are critical to your business and your high traffic or corporate website requires that it be up and running all of the time then don’t take silly risks with cheap hosting or servers purchased randomly off the internet!

Our server solutions are “fully managed for you” by our professional team.

This means you don’t have to spend valuable time learning what server settings are required or spend a small fortune paying someone else to setup and monitor your servers security, we setup, run and maintain everything for you,

Your sites and services running on your server will be protected and if there is ever any issue we will take care of it for you with one text or phone call..


Our fully managed server accounts are designed for WordPress websites!

Included with this plan we will help you setup your wordpress website, whether that means transfering an existing site over for you or installing wordpress from scratch.
We then take care of all your wordpress updates, including your plugins and themes.
If your site goes down for some reason we will act to identify the cause and rectify it.


This plan is for real long term and serious businesses..
If you want the best results and need to stay focused on your business and not wasting your time with internet matters then this is the best hosting plan for you.

Putting Your Website on The Internet

World Super Host – We don’t just host your website, we manage everything for you so you can get on with running your business.