Socrates Magazine Tutorial

Socrates Magazine Layout


How to use the Socrates theme Magazine 1 and Magazine 2 Template

Here is a link to the PDF Help


Here is a summary of that pdf file…..


  1. Create a new page. Go to Appearance > Pages. Add a new page and give it a title.
  2. Set the page template to “Magazine 1 “ or “Magazine 2.”
  3. Click Publish to add the page to your site. SET YOUR POSTS TO “FEATURED”
  4. Go to Posts, select the post you want to edit, then set its category to “featured.”Posts you set in “featured” will automatically populate on any magazine page you create
  5. You can assign any post to however many categories you want set a featured image for the magazine page.
  6. Go to “Set Featured Image.”
  7. Upload the image you have chosen for your post. Remember that for best results, the image should be 611px X 300px.
  8. Click “Use as featured image.”

GOOD TO REMEMBER: Each page template has 1 image size requirements for the posts it is going to feature.

A Magazine page does not take any additional content beyond the posts themselves.

Follow the category name requirements, or your page will not display correctly.

The theme is designed for only one magazine category.

If you want two different magazine pages with different post feeds, it is possible to set up two different featured categories, but does involve coding.

3.0’s double sidebar is not compatible with the Magazine pages. Choose an alternative sidebar style if you ’re featuring a magazine.


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